Star gazing at Roque Saucillo

Star gazing at Roque Saucillo

A telescope available to everyone

Located in the Vega de San Mateo, just 21 kilómetros from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Roque Saucillo astronomic observatory is easy to get to by car as it is in the town with plenty of parking and nearby amenities. It has a modern astrographic camera telescope ideal for virtual educational use and a classroom for educational activities, workshops and exhibitions.

Look at the sky surrounded by legendary stars

Looking west just after nightfall the central body of the Pegasus constellation stands out in the night sky. Vertical and to the left of the Milky Way, it’s surrounded by constellations such as Casiopea, shaped like an M, Cygnus, already setting to the west, and Pisces. The best observations periods are moonless nights in December and January when a faint smudge in the sky, visible with binoculars, just under Pegasus reveals itself as globular cluster M15. Its light takes 33,000 years to reach us,

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