Las Salinas de Agaete

Las Salinas de Agaete

Natural swimming pools with volcanic tunnels for the whole family

Las Salinas de Agaete are like a medieval fortress, albeit full of lovely seawater. Located in north west Gran Canaria these three natural swimming pools sheltered from the open ocean resemble a castle thanks to their battlement-like protective columns. The pools are linked by volcanic tubes and with a stunning view of the island’s rugged northwest coast, are perfect for swimming.

Close to a harbour and an iconic town

The pools offer sunbathing areas, nearby diving sites and are easy to get to from Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves harbour; with its ferry link to Tenerife and famous fish restaurants. You can walk from the harbour or drive and park right by the pools and the refreshingly green nearby palm grove and farm. Five minutes drive from Agaete town, famous for its long history, you find a castle that, instead of being of sand, is made of delightful seawater.

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