Historic Quarter of Ingenio

Historic Quarter of Ingenio

A town which grew with sugar cane

Located in the southeastern region of the island of Gran Canaria, the town of Ingenio evidences the achievements of the economic boom that agriculture brought to it in the XVI century. The growing of sugar cane made this progress possible for what was at that time a place dependent on its neighbouring town, Agüimes. Today the municipality boasts two historic quarters: the old quarter of Candelaria Square and the Carrizal neighbourhood with the church of Our Lady of Good Success (Buen Suceso).

Farm work among splendid natural spaces not to be missed

Shaped among water, farmhouses, farmland and cane fields, the town of Ingenio is defined by its proximity to three impressive natural monuments on the island of Gran Canaria: the ravines of Guayadeque and El Draguillo and the Natural Reserve of Caldera (Crater) de los Marteles. In the midst of the historic quarter there are several houses with traditional Canarian architecture as well as Néstor Alamo Park where we see the tallest palm tree in the Canary Islands, which is thirty metres high.

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