Güi Güi beaches

Güi Güi beaches

Hike to Gran Canaria’s most exotic beaches

If you’re in Gran Canaria and moderately fit, the hike to Güi Güi beach is a fantastic trek with a happy ending: A swim in the normally tranquil Atlantic Ocean with views of Teide volcano on the horizon. Legendary Güi Güi isn’t just famous for its beach but for the journey needed to arrive: A two and a half hour hike, with some difficult stretches, through pristine nature with clean air and no crowds.

Swimming at La Aldea with valleys and mountains behind

Access to this west coast beach at La Aldea is via Tasartico hamlet although you can also get to Güi Güi by boat from Mogán or from the harbour at La Aldea. The reward is a refreshing swim in cool, crystal clear waters. Güi Güi beach is at its sandiest during the summer months when the areas fine sand settles.

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