Are Gay Guys Who Own Dogs More Attractive?

Are Gay Guys Who Own Dogs More Attractive?

What is it about a hot gay guys and their pets? Every now and then I find myself walking by the dog park and as I spy on the men in their running shorts, those I would normally classify as a 6 or a 7 automatically become an 8 or 9 the second I see him with his furry friend. Something about this relationship says dependency, loyalty, and trust. All three are major turn-ons in my book when talking about gay men.

According to surveys, 60% of people find dog owners more attractive. Not to mention, 85% of dog owners are said to be more approachable. If you ask me, there is no better tactic than luring gay guys by flaunting around a dog, especially when they have one as well. That way, the dogs are more likely to approach each other first, leaving you two to carry on a conversation.

However, studies have shown that flaunting your dog around does more than just break the ice in conversations, in fact, the type of dog you have can be an accurate representation of one’s personality which in itself has the power to make the owner more attractive, even sexier.

These positive attributes reflect upon the dog owner, eventually reflecting back towards onlookers. Take a look at results from studies by Klooff & Pawnation on which dogs attract the most people:

  • Beagles – Most people will think this dog owner is fun loving. Since beagles require a bit of energy to manage, chances are, the man who’s holding the leash lives a full life.
  • Labrador Retrievers – This dog sends the message that their owner is easy going and great dating material, not to mention less likely to sleep around.
  • Golden Retrievers – Chances are, their owner has a fun-loving attitude and are probably low-maintenance and easy to be with for long relationships since they’re likely to be more loyal. The dog’s happy attitude will make the owner seem more positive and active.
  • Siberian Huskies – These dogs are said to amp up a gay guy’s manliness, especially when they’re running around the trail together. I always associate these dogs with sled dogs, therefore, the man is in control at all times. That’s hot.
  • German Shepherds – These dogs are obedient, intelligent and agile. These traits eventually reflect on the owner, making him appear more in control and proactive.

The sex appeal of dog owners is uncanny. Everyone says that dogs take the personalities of their owners. Though this may be true most of the time, it’s also been shown that owners take on the traits of their dogs. A pet who’s personality is loyal, kind, and attentive rubs off on the owner, making him much more attractive at first sight.

It’s always easy to judge a person’s character on how they treat animals. Often times, when a man shows physical aggression towards a living thing, it can set off red flags about who he is and your future together. On the other hand, seeing him be affectionate with his dog creates an adequate portrayal of how he is in life: caring, sensual, energetic, in control, versatile, submissive, all the things we want in a lover…

I’ve always said dog parks are the best places to meet your future husband. Maybe I’ve been right all along.

So do you find gay guys who have dogs more attractive?


This article was originally posted on by David Artavia