El Hierro’s Charco Azul

El Hierro’s Charco Azul

A natural pool that could easily have been designed by César Manrique

Charco Azul (“Blue Pool”) wasn’t, in fact, designed by famous Canarian artist César Manrique, but is a magnificent work of art in its own right. Situated in El Hierro, Charco Azul is, without doubt, one of the most spectacular bathing spots in the smallest of the Canary Islands. Created naturally by flowing lava, this zone doesn’t just invite you to bathe in its turquoise pools, but also offers protection from the imposing open sea by way of a rook, which sends white spray and the crashing of waves up the sides.

An easily accessible pool in a volcanic area

Located in El Golfo, a magnificent valley along the rugged coastline, this pool is one of the finest examples of some of the delightful side effects of volcanic flows. Easy to get to on foot, with wooden sun decks and a basalt arch which crowns the pool, there are also diving points for the more daring visitor. The waters will relax, refresh and recharge you and while the place might not have the signature of a famous artist such as Manrique, it has one that is often much better – that of nature itself.

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