The craziest and most fun Pride in the world!!

The craziest and most fun Pride in the world!!

For those who have never experienced the Maspalomas Gay Pride, a surprise awaits you! The days are filled with various events: festivals, exhibitions, parades, tours, shows, and concerts, along with your favorite restaurants and bars in and around the Yumbo Centre joining in the fun! So make yourself look fabulous and join in the Pride celebrations with us, together with dancers, singers, and drag queens! Are you ready for the craziest and most fun Pride in the World!!

maspalomas gay pride 3 - The craziest and most fun Pride in the world!!

Gay Pride in Maspalomas is the first of the 4 big Spanish Prides in Spain, the other three being Madrid, Sitges and new comer last year Benidorm. With sun almost guaranteed over this seven day event in Gran Canaria you know it is going to get hot, held in the Yumbo centre where you will find 95% of the gay bars and clubs, means no need for transport as everything is under one roof.

There is a big stage in the centre of the Yumbo, with entertainment from top international acts and DJs to keep you entertained over the seven days, and this is surrounded with all the gay bars, clubs and restaurants, each putting on something special each night. Remember if you want to eat out its important to book your restaurant as soon as you arrive, or be prepared for a long wait for a table.

The main parade is on the Saturday and starts at about 2pm and can take over 5 hours to make its way through the streets of Maspalomas, where thousands of people line the streets to see the parade pass by.

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