Best Christmas Gifts for the Gay Men in Your Life

Best Christmas Gifts for the Gay Men in Your Life

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s a well-known fact that purchasing gifts for men can be quite a difficult endeavour, but trust us on this – buying something for gay men is even more difficult. First of all, generally speaking, gay men don’t always have the same taste for things as straight men do (if they do, then the whole process of buying a gift shifts from “extremely tricky” to “tricky”). Secondly, you can’t generalize and buy something that’s also applicable to girls as not all gays love that. So, there is the question of what the best gifts you could buy for gay men are, regardless of their preferences and tastes. Take a look at these tips, and you might get an idea of what to buy to your gay best friend, boyfriend or partner for the upcoming holidays:


Dietary supplements

If you’re a straight person, then little do you know about the things bottom or versatile gay men have to endure so that they could have sex. It requires being picky about the things they eat (that is not eating greasy, junk food) and cleaning themselves very often. However, if your gay guy is either one of the two, getting him a Pure for Men dietary supplement sounds like a great idea. Pure for Men are dietary fibre capsules which are designed to make your bowel movements better and more compact. This should result in “clear bottoming” which is definitely a great gift for all the bottoms/versatiles out there. It could be a great substitute for douching – even though one is expected to clean themselves regularly as before, this supplement will give him the opportunity to eat all the food he wants to, and make the whole cleaning process easier. Moreover, it enhances rectal health, and helps with weight loss and cardiovascular health.


Skincare and beard products

Nowadays, skincare is not only for women as more and more men tend to care about their faces. However, many of them don’t pay attention to the quality of the skincare products they use, so getting them something that’s high-quality can be a great gift – it will help them take better care of their skin and perhaps motivate them to continue buying quality skincare products. Moreover, if your gay men love facial hair, then you certainly can’t go wrong with buying a beard grooming kit or beard care products. On the plus side, there are many great drugstore products that are excellent, and they will save you enough money for another, small gift.


Nude yoga sessions

This sounds unusual, does it? However, if your gay guy is a bit of an exhibitionist, surprise him with nude yoga sessions, which are becoming more and more popular. Why naked you might ask? According to the Auckland Nude Yoga centre, these sessions let your focus more on the yoga itself and free your mind more, which is the whole point of this activity. Moreover, not feeling restricted by clothes can result in getting into the required position more easily.


Workout sessions

If he’s a sporty type of person, what better present to get him? If he’s not, why not broaden his horizons and make him step a bit out of his comfort zone? However, you could be original and think outside the box – don’t only get him a gym membership. Think about cardio kickboxing, for example. Doing this, they will not only be active and fit, but they will learn new skills that are impossible to learn anyplace else, plus it’s fun and very original. Also, if you’re getting this to your single gay friend he might be more than grateful since he will be getting fit, burning fat and increasing flexibility along some of the hottest guys in the city.


Sex toys

If you know what kinky stuff your guy is into, why not present him with a nice sex toy he will be using with his partner? Moreover, if that guy is your partner, get him something you both would enjoy. It could either be a cock ring, a dildo or a fleshlight – just make sure you know the guy well before getting him something of this sort. If you did your homework or you’re about to, check out the Basement Adult Shop as they are exclusive and have everything for all the gay, bi and straight men, as well as those who are into BDSM.



Last but certainly not least, getting your gay guy an accessory is definitely safe. It could either be a weekend bag (which is always necessary), a scarf or a nice shawl (if he’s into that) or simply a watch, as everyone wears watches. However, before purchasing one, see if he’s more into sporty or classic watches.

Does buying a gay guy a present sound difficult now? Definitely not – what’s more, it sounds fun. Choose one item from this list and watch your guy saying a million of “thank-yous”!

Thanks to Peter Minkoff for guest-writing this blog post. 
Peter is a gay lifestyle writer at Woofd magazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.