More than 70,000 visitors are expected to atten the next Barcelona Circuit Festival. Events include spectacular parties with world class DJ’s, pool parties and a day and night at one of Europe’s largest water parks with 14,000 partygoers.


Barcelona Circuit Festival is the biggest European gay festival featuring twelve sunny days of beach and parties. You should decide early on which parties you want to attend an which to skip. An all inclusive party wristband is the way to go if you want to go to as many parties as possible asn individual parties can cost up to EUR 40.

circuit festival barcelona 2 - BARCELONA CIRCUIT FESTIVAL 2019

The producer of the event, Matinee, provide busses from Plz Catalunya to most of the out-of-town events. Tickets cost EUR 5 approximately. Its worth noting that most of the biggest parties take place outside the centre of Barcelona so its worth taking the bus and you get to meet lots of hot guys on the journey.

The parties really don’t get busy until after 2am – you are in Spain after all, where guys like to party late! 6am is the closing time, so most local guys will arrive between 2am and 3am. Dinner takes place after 9pm, drinks and midnight and then partying!

circuit festival barcelona 3 - BARCELONA CIRCUIT FESTIVAL 2019

The Waterpark is an essential part of the event. Let’s face it, if you haven’t been to that party, you haven’t been to Circuit! 14,000 gay people take over the waterpark. Head to the middle of the pool and wait for the music to begin. Its truly amazing! The day party takes place from 10am to 10pm finishing in a huge fireworks display. The night party takes place inside from 10pm to 6am. If you are attending both events, its best to bring a change of clothes. Lockers and showers are available but queues are long so be prepared to wait. The park has a lot of food vendors so you won’t go hungry. The park is about one hour from the centre of the town so the bus is the best way to visit. Taxi’s can be expensive and hard to obtain later on in the evening.

The other unmissable parties are the Opening Party and the Closing Party, both of which are the most attended. Both sell out in advance so get your tickets early. La Leche and Brazil’s “The Week” party are also recommended.