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Our Mission For Local Small Bisnesses

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Business Directory

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Event Partnership

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Facebook Marketing

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GayGo! Guide is steadily growing with traffic of 60,000 unique monthly users, 135,000 monthly page views, which translates to over 1 million annual visitors.

We have over 7,000 highly engaged followers across all our social media channels, which gives us a huge monthly reach of around 500.000 people.

Our audience consists of mainly affluent men, aged 25 and older, based across Europe, UK, US and Asia, who are sophisticated travellers looking for romantic adventures, gourmet and cultural experiences.

Age 18-24
Age 25-44
Age 45-54
Age 55+
USA – Canada

The LGBTQ community is an untapped market worth $830 Billion
. . .And that’s a market worth tapping into.

Would pay a premium for a product/brand that supports the LGBTQ community
Would tell a friend about a brand they are impressed by
Would switch to LGBT-friendly brands and encourage friends and family to
Higher median household income

A Purpose And A Vision

Empowering community and culture through Local Journalism is so essential in today’s world. In 2017 we began our journey to develop a platform for Canary Island Gay community. An online place that would help connect residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

Fast forward 2018, we continue to expand as a hyperlocal news and lifestyle media company serving as a local resource for the community.

Using technology as the number one vehicle for local change, awareness, and to give back.

For more information regarding advertising on please contact:
Andreas Kaminski
Director of Partner Relations GayGo Guide