5 Perfect Gay Wedding Anniversary Gifts

5 Perfect Gay Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Since marriage equality is becoming more and more recognized around the world, people are faced with the beautiful difficulty of getting the perfect anniversary present for their LGBT+ friends. Sure, you can get them what you would get any other couple you know, or something that celebrates their personalities, but what if you want to actually celebrate their pride? How much rainbow is too much rainbow? What is an appropriate gift, and what crosses the line into “you’re different”? Here are some ideas that will always hit the target.

His & his

You have to understand that the majority of the world still operates under a heteronormative system. This means that it’s still very difficult to find his & his (or hers & hers) mugs, pillows or basically anything that hetero couples can easily buy. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to have those, nor that it’s impossible to find, you just need to get creative. For starters, you can buy two kits of anything, and simply pair up the correct pieces and then use the other two for a different gift or for something else. 

Rainbow sets

Don’t worry, you can definitely still incorporate rainbow in your gift, but you don’t want it just to be rainbow. Make it more stylish and subtler, so that the gift is actually just decorated by the rainbow, instead of it being a centerpiece. For example, getting some candle supplies in different colors and arranging them on a board in rainbow order would be an amazing gift. They can choose to take the candles off and display them one by one, or they can keep them in the rainbow shape. It’s a subtle nod to the difficulties they overcame as a couple, without being in-your-face. You can do the same with a set of glasses or mugs, and basically anything that comes in a set.

Custom piece

However, if you want to really be a great gift-giver, you can have a custom-made piece for them – something that isn’t paired, but one piece that represents them both, like a woodcarving of a photo from their wedding or simply a his & his joint toothbrush holder. Something like that might seem small, but it will mean a lot to them, since it isn’t something you can find easily.

A compilation

Of what? Anything you find relatable to them. If there’s a strong LGBTQ+ scene in your country, perhaps a collection of concert tickets to see different gay artists perform, or galleries or drag shows or really anything that they are into. Yes, you can always just get them tickets to any artist, but gay people usually like to support other gay creators, so this would be a great way to do so. You can also get them commissions from gay artists, or simply write down a list of LGBT+ movies that they can (re)watch and give them a Netflix subscription for a year to help them do it.

A getaway

Every couple likes to go away for a weekend, especially if it’s to an exotic country or an unknown place. Unfortunately, this can be a bit difficult for same-sex couples, because many countries aren’t as friendly to the LGBT+ community. Find a gay-friendly travel destination and get them tickets for a romantic weekend away.

Really, anything you give your friends, they are sure to be thrilled, but if you take the extra time to look into what makes them different from other couples and give them something that makes them feel represented and visible – you’ll probably make them cry in the best way possible. So, be a good friend and start searching.