5 Fashion Rules Every Gay Man Should Follow

5 Fashion Rules Every Gay Man Should Follow

Straight men can complain all they want about how the clothes that are being sold at the moment in some of the biggest fashion chains are made for the gays. This might be partially true, especially because clothes are made to be bold and worn with confidence; not everyone can pull off a longer tee. However, we are here to focus on the gay style itself, and since the prejudice is that gays are style gurus, it’s time you lived up to that. Take a look at the 5 biggest fashion rules at the moment in the gay community, and if you don’t follow them, well, now it’s the time.

Go athleisure

One of the biggest trends right now is called athleisure, and as the name suggests, it combines athletic attire and leisure. Even though this type of style was reserved for the straight guys who work out, we are here to take something of their own and make it hella fashionable. Now, this doesn’t mean buying any sport attire that you come across, but you should rather choose wisely and find something that fits you. Also combining athletic attire with somewhat formal clothes is extremely popular and highly recommended (such as a blazer with a pair of very comfortable, sporty sneakers). After all, you don’t have to like sports to wear sporty clothes, right?

Speaking of sports…

5 Fashion Rules Every Gay Man Should Follow 1

…one of the most popular items of sports clothing are sleeveless tees. These have become extremely popular in the last couple of years, with styles ranging from very sporty to somewhat in between, with many gay guys wearing them (probably even more than straight guys). However, there’s a rule here that you should have in mind for next year: if you don’t have big biceps and nice, tight arms, leave these tees at home. It doesn’t look as good as you think it does.

Know how to look dapper

One of the things that gay guys are good at is knowing when to wear formal clothing and when not. Moreover, most of us know that if you want a good suit, you need to find a fitted one, as the ones that are too baggy just don’t work and you should leave them for the straights who enjoy listening to Bon Jovi (if you’re gay and like this band, no offence. It’s your life, right?) Anywhore, Australians are known for their amazing formal style, so getting tailored suits in Melbourne or any other big city in Australia is a good first step. Of course, you can find them anywhere else in the world, but you need to do your homework beforehand because you really want a good, fitting suit.  

Embrace colors and patterns

5 Fashion Rules Every Gay Man Should Follow 2

Sometimes, combinations can be extremely boring, regardless of how much you spent on the individual items and how nice they might have looked in the store. Very often you need to add some pizazz to your combination by mixing different colors or adding a certain pattern. However, make sure not to overdo it as you don’t really want to look like a clown, do you? Going minimalistic and making your combination more interesting with bright-colored details or having a shirt or a tee with a pattern will do the work. You can also choose a black pair of pants and shoes and spice it up with something more colorful on top. Darker colors can definitely look great and sexy on an older guy, but if you’re in your twenties and thirties, there’s still time to be a bit more colorful.

Don’t underestimate the power of shoes

Finally, it’s time to talk about footwear. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but shoes are definitely guy’s. As far as shoes are concerned, don’t try to save money on them because they really are an investment in your style. Also, make sure that you always have comfortable sporty shoes for the day, and elegant ones (most preferably Oxfords) for certain formal events.  

Ta-da! There you have the 5 most important fashion rules for everyone, regardless of their sexual preference. However, since you want to be treated like a style guru, make sure to know them all by heart!

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