10 Sex Tips for Becoming a Better Bottom

10 Sex Tips for Becoming a Better Bottom

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]E[/mks_dropcap]ven though the word ‘’bottoming’’ is mainly associated with the gays, knowledge of it is of crucial importance for girls who love anal sex as well. It is not just lying on your back, waiting for your partner to penetrate you – it is a skill that needs practice and once you’ve mastered it, you could move mountains with your bottoming skills. Well, at least you’ll be moving around the bed a lot. Take a look at the work of some porn stars such as Brandon Jones or Jessie Colter – if you want to master the same art, and become a great power bottom, here cums (pun intended) a list of tips:

1. Keep it clean
The most logical tip on the list. Unless you like a bit of the Dirty Sanchez, keeping your workspace clean is the most important thing – you don’t want to make your partner disgusted and get it over with before it even started. So make sure your hole is neat and clean and start from there.

2. No stress
Foreplay is there to make things a bit hotter, but also to make it easier for you to relax and get more comfortable. Take your time – don’t rush and don’t immediately start bouncing on your partner’s tool. Your muscles need to loosen up a bit, so foreplay is the perfect moment for that. If you, or your partner, stimulate your anus a bit while engaging in very passionate kissing, it could make things even easier.

3. Believe in yourself
Yes, you can do practically anything in bed, and don’t think you can’t. Even if you need practice for some things, believing in yourself can really do a lot. It does sound like a cliché, but it’s completely true. Having self-confidence will help not only your mind, but also your body.

4. Use lube
Although many prefer the idea of raw, bareback sex – using no condom or/and no lube, can have severe consequences. Not only can it result in painful and bad sex, you could also hurt your precious sex weapon. So, if you don’t have practice, or a very elastic anus, use a lube you like.

5. Go doggy
This sexual position is a must for any gay guy (it should be a must position for every heterosexual couple, as well). Master this skill and use it often. Very often. This is one of the favourite positions for any top, and if you train yourself (and your anus) to like it, you won’t stop being on all fours.

6. Take control from time to time
Let’s say you’re doggying tonight – don’t just kneel there and let your partner do all the work. That’s not what a true power bottom is. Make him be still and do a bit of the work yourself. Take control and surprise him with things he doesn’t expect. If you put a bit more effort in and shake your bottom while doing this, magical things can happen.

7. Practice, practice, practice
As any skill out there, bottoming requires a bit of practice and preparation as well. Using butt plugs and dildos while masturbating can make sex even more comfortable. Not to mention that you will be more flexible, but also able to try out as many sex positions as you want. The best thing to practice with would be a prostate stimulator. Using, for example, the Aneros stimulator in your masturbation routine can have many benefits for the future of your bottoming.

8. Stretch
Since you’ll be, as a power bottom, practicing many sex positions, it is very important to take 10 minutes daily to stretch a bit. You want to be flexible and able to do anything. Practice bending your legs above your head – this move will bring you more points in the eyes of your sex partner.

9. Ask to be spanked
Don’t be ashamed to say anything to the person whose penis you’re sitting on. If you can receive somebody’s genitalia, you can surely say dirty words. Say out loud the things you want him to do to you, and ask him to spank you from time to time (especially during the doggy position). At other times say you like what he’s doing to you. It’s very important that words are involved in the action – it makes the whole experience hotter and dirtier.

10. Be loud
Very similar to the previous tip, this one will give your partner the extra wish to continue doing what he’s (hopefully) good at. Moan, yell, bite your lip, punch the bed. All of these details are very hot for every sexual person.
See? It’s not difficult to bottom if you know what things to pay attention to and if you practice from time to time, if you’re not that experienced in this field. However, definitely the best tip out there is not to be scared or shy to do anything. Use that one first.

Cover art by Richard Stabbert
Thanks to Peter Minkoff for guest-writing this blog post.